Final thoughts and reflections about Global Environmental problems

As the course came to an end, I gained a sense of a new beginning. A start that can push us to get more involved with environmental conservation and human well-being. I learned a lot about the negative side effects of the consumerism culture that predominates the developed world.  It was truly interesting to understand and connect the benefit of one though the suffering of the other. I began to value the place where conservation is viewed with value and concern. Where I come from, people do not take any environmental issues into consideration. Recycling method does not exist and local rivers and streams get extremely polluted with excessive trash, including plastic bags and dead animals.
Therefore, I was very inspired by some of the brightest ideas regarding environmental preservation, and human interconnection with nature. I understood why it is important to decrease the high consumption of resources in the first world countries and to reevaluate our perspectives on what is most important, community’s effort to develop in a sustainable way, and how to get benefits for all equally. I understood how the agricultural practices had changed with the growing population and why it is so difficult to equally distribute the food to all the people in the world. Learning about new and sustainable agricultural techniques was quite inspiring. I learned about crop rotation and how economy affects the agriculture.

I learned a tremendous variety of NGO’s and how effective these small-scale community organizations can be. Organizations such as World Banks and UNICEF inspired me to pursue my future career goals in this area of non-profit world. It was a truly thought-provoking course that taught me not only about environmental problems, but also about hope for a brighter future that can be realised if we all work together and build our tool kits in the same direction.