Final Reflections

Global Environmental Problems is the most interesting class I have taken ever. It is a class where we learned what the real issues were but instead of just listing those issues and forgetting about them our discussions allowed us to discuss the issues and try and come up with some ways of solving them. This class gave me the tools to start making a difference. I can now pick a reliable non-government organization to support thanks to my classmates presentations. I know the small things I can do like investing in renewable energy resources as well as limiting my impact as much as possible. I now know that it will take massive change to ensure that the world is passed on to our future generations.

One of the main things that I’ve taken away from this course is that our environmental problems are not able to be stopped by one person or even one country and that it will take lots of time to create a sustainable and resilient society. From taking this course I also now believe that our society will not be able to change on its own. Something will have to happen before we take action its just human nature to continue going until something happens and than change. The greatest thing I gained was the knowledge of how to talk to people about environmental issues. Before this class I thought if  I were to try to talk friends or family about environmental issues I would be seen as a bit radical but with all the information I have now and the practice of talking to people in class I can now say I can put forth a valid argument of why environmental problems are the biggest problems facing the world.

I believe the first move the world should take into becoming more sustainable is by investing more in renewable resources. I think this will be the most effective way of starting the transition into a more sustainable future.