Final Reflections

Global Environmental Problems has been one of the most intriguing and one of my favorite courses I have taken. In this class we learned about current issues, and were encouraged to not just know, but fully understand and problem solve. The biggest take home lesson I have learned is how much human nature truly makes everything not only more complicated, but worse. But also on the other hand how humans cannot change the course of nature and we can’t manipulate the environment to our specific specifications. I have learned this from many on the case studies we read for the ancient Anasazi civilization to the current everglades. In both these situations the humans tried to control the environment instead of coexisting with the environment, which cause the same end result in both cases, failure. Another skill I learned is to look for the root cause of the environmental issue in order to solve the problem.

This course shed light on global environmental problems and also changed my view on these problems. The one that stuck with me the most is that even though the fate of the environment seems like a dead end, there is in fact hope. This course showed me that there is a way to make a difference in environmental science, but most effectively through working together. This course taught me that working together is key. If not everyone knows then it is a problem that cannot be fixed. In order for environmental sustainability to be achieved we have to work with people who are opposed to sustainability or just have no knowledge of these global environmental issues.

I believe that one large step on the path to sustainability will be investing in renewable resources. This transition will most likely be the most largely accepted step towards sustainability, therefore the most effective way. This class has truly taught me how to be an advocate for the environment.